The European Integration Agency (EIA)
 has actvely been helping bring about changes in social,
 economic and political sectors to empower ordinary people!

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Helping Bring change to:

Social Sector

• On-line incubator of social entrepreneurship (e-platform for networking-cooperation, e-learning),
• Networking database of rural social enterprises and cross visits of knowhow exchange,
• Roadmap for successful social rural entrepreneurship in the CB area

Economic Sector

• Empowering disadvantaged groups and minorities with practical abilities to research markets, develop products and services and successfully compete in constantly changing markets.
• Development of operational tools and guidelines for successful social entrepreneurship of disabled people in rural areas.

Political Sector

• Working with local, regional and national government entities to help bring about change to disadvantaged and minority groups, without depriving them of dignity. We strive to help disadvantaged and minority groups to compete in todays constantly changing markets, rather than just supplying them with donations.

EIA as a Project Partner

EIA has competences in both working with people in the disadvantage situation as well as disabled persons. EIA has a wide network of professionals and experts in the field of interpreting your ship and help of disadvantaged and disabled people. Through this network EIA can attract and include relevant experts in order to help establish many of the activities for agricultural social entrepreneurship of disabled people.